Pleasant Valley Church      In Winona

Pleasant Valley Church is really a neat place to visit, they are very kid friendly. They have an impressive indoor playground that is free and open to the public. There are different zones that kids go to depending on their age. They have safety procedures put into place for young children so that there are no worries. Upon checking in, your child gets a name tag that comes with a receipt for the parent that contains a matching code to their name tag. 

The Worship Center is quite impressive and is equipped for live performances and presentations. After each service, right outside of the Worship Center, there is a cafe where people can chat and connect over coffee. 

We spent the morning helping to empty, clean and reorganize a room in the church to transform it into a wonderful craft room of sorts. It went from being solely used for storage to being a fully functional craft area with a table and large paper cutter for paper projects. Please consider volunteering in your community, it is a great way to help out.