Utilities in Rochester, MN

If you’re new in the city and are not familiar with the various utility companies in the region, you can use our list for different service providers in Rochester, MN. If you plan to move into a new home, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various utility providers that will serve you. The Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) is a municipally-owned utility provider that serves over 55,000 electric and 40,000 water customers. They are managed by a board that is appointed by the mayor and is directly under the Rochester City Council. There are a few energy providers in the city that offer a variety of gas and electric services for the many neighborhoods in the city. These include Xcel Energy, Chosen Valley Electric, Minnesota Energy Resources, and more.

Alcon ConstructionPhone: 507-258-5287
Utility contractor
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Alliant EnergyPhone: 800-255-4268
Public Utility Holding
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Border States ElectricPhone: 507-280-4670
Electrical supply store
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Century LinkPhone: 507-424-3373
Core & MainPhone: 507-285-5389
Water works equipment supplier
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Minnesota Energy ResourcesPhone: 800-889-9508
Gas Utility
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People's Energy CooperativePhone: 507-367-7000
Electric utility company
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SpectrumPhone: 866-874-2389
Utilities - Cable TV
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Xcel Energy Phone: 800-895-4999
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